Gifts and donations

Give online through Stewardship Giving site, to claim gift aid for tax payers.

The Stewardship Giving site requires the giver to open an accountOnce the account is open, there  are two options.

1. To give a "One Off" donation, using your Credit/Debit card details. (Lke any online purchase) There is an option to give annomously.

2. To set up Regular payments into the Stewardship account then give Single or Regular payments out. (Like a Bank account). There is an option to give anonymously.

To use a Stewardship account please use the link on the next line. Or search Stewardship on line.

Stewardship giving Click Here

Other ways to give on line.

If you wish to give through Google Pay, Apple Pay, or another payment system you can use the account below. No gift aid is collected through this account.

Account name: KILBURN CHRST FELL& 

(Kilburn Christian Fellowship&EvanChurch)

Sort code 16-00-48 Account 11030355 


IBAN GB86RBOS16004811030355

The Account name will be a close match which you can confirm as the name is too long for the entry fields on most bank's websites)


Gifts by post:

Cheques payable to "Kilburn Christian Fellowship"

2 Aldershot Road, Kilburn, London, NW6 LG


All donations will be applied to the general fund.